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The Face of Hollywood: Ryan Seacrest's Weight Loss Struggle

The American Idol host reveals how he went from a heavyset kid to a healthy success with his inspiring weight loss story.


Staying Fit With Ryan Seacrest

To stay on track, Seacrest mixes up his fitness activities. Keeping fitness interesting—and fun—is a sure way to meet any goal.


1. In The Gym

“I almost always have the television on one of the news channels with the volume down so that i can read the lower third of what’s happening. I love cranking up music, and I love pop music. So I’ll listen to pop music and get some of the mixes that our radio station creates each day. I’ve downloaded some of those mixes. I have found that it definitely helps. I struggle when there is no music on and I hear myself breathing—it just doesn’t get me there.”

2. Cardio

“I absolutely love to run. The first 20 minutes are always tough for me, but then I start to really get going, and the endorphins kick in. I hurt my knee about a year ago in the snow. I launched off the back of a snow mobile and landed in some deep snow and twisted it, so I haven’t gotten back to some of the longer-distance running that I used to love to do. I love waking up on a weekend morning, cruising out to the beach here in L.A., and going on a run before it gets too crowded. And then having a great breakfast and a cup of coffee. I’ve been doing the stationary bike to get this knee better for the most part.”

3. Yoga

“It is a fantastic form of exercise, but I just can’t seem to get decent at it, so I get frustrated. I believe that I’ve got to do it more frequently to get better at it. I kind of—as some of us do—go in spurts where I’ll go through a phase of doing that and then I fall out of it. For me, I have some tightness in my lower back, and I find it difficult to get to the place where I can do it well. Perhaps, because men are initially less flexible, in general, before we train our bodies, that makes it tougher for us.”

4. Biking

“I’m excited to go and get a new hybrid-type bike and start getting back into that. I’ve done some casual street and mountain biking in an effort to get back into it. I’d really like to bike the coast here in California or pack up the bikes and go to Northern California. I love getting on the bike and cruising around for a while.”



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