Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

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Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

Five films worth of testosterone-laced, adrenaline-packed action—and sometimes senseless non-action—all distilled into a roughly five-minute, memory-refreshing rundown. (You’re welcome.)

Go ahead and say it. (“They’re making another one of those movies?”) Good. Great. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how you probably want to see it, even if you don’t know it yet. Can we just make a case for what all the Fast and Furious movies have in common? Hot cars, hot women, high stakes, hip hop stars who can (or can’t) act…

Then again, there are some things these movies don’t share—a cohesive storyline, characters who consistently come back, critical acclaim—meaning that merely dabbling in the series can cause a lot of “wait, what happened again?!” anxiety. To put it nicely, the franchise has taken more than its share of sharp rights and unnecessary detours, all while sputtering its way through an ironically slow and winding 12-year course.

So that’s why we’ve distilled everything you need to know and remember about the series thus far down into this handy five-minute guide, which we recommend you read before seeing FF6 this weekend. (Even the franchise's Wikipedia page has a whopping 5,000 words of summary and synopsis, for chrissakes!) Ready? Gentlemen, start your engines…

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