Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

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Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

Five films worth of testosterone-laced, adrenaline-packed action—and sometimes senseless non-action—all distilled into a roughly five-minute, memory-refreshing rundown. (You’re welcome.)

Is it a sequel? Oh, come on.

Buckle up! You’re going to: Los Angeles

Who’s out? No one yet

Who’s in? Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker); Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel); Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez); Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster); Vince (Matt Schulze)

The 10-second synopsis: After Dom Toretto’s team of street racers falls under suspicion for a string of robberies, O’Connor, an LAPD officer, infiltrates the crew. He then (uh oh!) falls in love with Dom’s sister, Mia, forcing him to choose where his loyalties lie. The verdict: See ya later, life of law enforcement!

Please note (for continuity’s sake): In the end, Toretto takes off—he heads for Mexico, we learn post-credits—while O’Connor turns to face the approaching authorities, making you think he’s busted. (Also: Remember that Vince exists. You may forget about him, but trust—he comes back.)

Critics said: “A gritty and gratifying cheap thrill.” (Variety) “Could have used a bit of fuel injection itself.” (Entertainment Weekly) “Fast, furious—and senseless.” (CNN)

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