Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

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Your Fast and Furious Guide To The Fast and Furious Franchise

Five films worth of testosterone-laced, adrenaline-packed action—and sometimes senseless non-action—all distilled into a roughly five-minute, memory-refreshing rundown. (You’re welcome.)

Is it a sequel? More like…a spin-off

Buckle up! You’re going to: Miami

Who’s out? Toretto (Diesel), Letty (Rodriguez), Mia (Brewster)

Who’s back? O’Connor (Walker)

Who’s new—and noteworthy? Roman Pearce (Tyrese); Tej Parker (Ludacris); Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes); Carter Verone (Cole Hauser); Director John Singleton

The 10-second synopsis: O’Connor escapes and is now a man on the lam, but after making it to Miami, he’s eventually caught and offered a plea bargain by the FBI. To fulfill it—and see his record wiped clean—he joins forces with Pearce, an ex-con/old frenemy, and Fuentes, a customs agent, to bust Miami drug lord Carter Verone.

Please note (for continuity’s sake): O’Connor and Pearce may be playing nice here, but they’re not entirely clean. The two old buddies dip their hands into Verone’s recovered drug money before handing the rest over to the feds.

Critics said: “A video game crossed with a buddy movie” without a “brain in its head,” but “made with skill and style.” (Chicago Sun Times) “Has a good natured and realistic sense of its own junky weightlessness.” (Entertainment Weekly) “2 lame, 2 tame.” (Slate)

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