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The History of Movie Training Montages

Recapping the best and worst training montages throughout film history.

Wet Hot American Summer


One of the best fitness montage parodies comes from cult comedy classic Wet Hot American Summer. Down in the dumps, Coop (Michael Showalter) is taught "The New Way" by the summer camp’s bizarre cafeteria cook, Gene (Christopher Meloni). The montage features appropriately cheesy music as Coop struggles to dance, run, explore the woods and grab a bean from Gene’s hand. After working hard for part of an afternoon, Coop seems to have achieved the abstract concept of "The New Way," quickly improving in every aspect of training. The lack of increased muscle definition coinciding with the lack of a clear reason for training nicely satirizes the tired concept of the ‘80s-style montage. NEXT: America, F-yeah! >>


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