The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

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The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

From big one-time blunders to all-out train wrecks, here are the pop culture characters that had us shaking our heads this year.

Following his name change to Metta World Peace in 2011, a more tranquil and benevolent persona was expected from the player formerly known as Ron Artest. Not surprisingly, however, MWP remained one of the most physical and dirty players in the NBA. It would have been a mostly low-key year for MWP if not for one incident in April that left most basketball fans sickened. After throwing down a dunk, Peace swung a vicious elbow to the skull of James Harden, which caused the bearded baller to suffer a concussion. The worst part—MWP claimed the blow was part of his post-dunk celebration. Sure it was Peace, sure it was.


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