The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

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The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

From big one-time blunders to all-out train wrecks, here are the pop culture characters that had us shaking our heads this year.
Before November 2012, most Americans couldn’t tell you who ran the CIA if their life depended on it. That all changed when David Petraeus—and the most ironic scandal you could ever imagine—erupted like a never-ending bomb in the news media. How does the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency—one of the most secretive institutions on the planet—get caught having an affair? Well for starters, using gmail to conduct the adultery probably didn’t help. (Petraeus and his biographer-turned-mistress Paula Broadwell actually saved their love notes as drafts on a shared account, so lets give them some credit for creativity. Or not.)


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