The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

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The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

From big one-time blunders to all-out train wrecks, here are the pop culture characters that had us shaking our heads this year.
Baseball’s version of Madonna (not surprisingly, the two were rumored to have an affair back in ‘08), Alex Rodriguez has never shied from negativity in the media. But 2012 was certainly his banner year. Things basically all came to a head in October during the MLB playoffs, when A-Rod batted a robust .120. His performance got him rightfully benched, and if that wasn’t enough, he decided to use Game 1 of the American League Division Series to flirt with an Aussie model two rows behind the dugout. A-Rod allegedly tossed her a baseball with an inscribed plea for her digits, all while being in a highly publicized relationship with former wrestling beauty Torrie Wilson. Did we mention that A-Rod “earned” a $29 million salary in 2012? Now we did.


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