The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

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The MF 2012 Hall of Shame

From big one-time blunders to all-out train wrecks, here are the pop culture characters that had us shaking our heads this year.
If you looked up the word “disgraced” in the dictionary ,we wouldn’t be surprised if you found a photo of Lance Armstrong. Cleary, 2012 wasn’t his year. Once the most decorated cyclist in the history of the sport, Armstrong saw all of his accomplishments vanish this year following a report released by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which basically pegged him as the Tony Montana of performance enhancing drugs. After having all seven of his Tour de France titles stripped, the Armstrong Aftermath raged on as Lance said bye-bye to Nike, tons of sponsors, and his own Livestrong Foundation. All the while, Armstrong continues to deny ever taking or distributing PEDs. You have to admire the man’s stubborn consistency.


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