The Sexiest Bond Girls of All Time

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The Sexiest Bond Girls of All Time

James Bond may have a license to kill, but 007's women have the power to hijack his heart.
Golden Eye, 1995

Her attempt to crush Bond between her legs isn’t the only reason why Xenia lands on this list, although her antics certainly are a first. While some Bond Girls are scary — Grace Jones’ May Day, anyone? — Famke’s feisty henchwoman is both terrifying and titillating. Bond first encounters the Soviet villainess during a high-speed race in the hills above Monte Carlo, with Bond’s Aston Martin nose to nose with her Ferrari. Since she obviously had an issue with aggression, 007 smoothed Xenia’s rougher edges with his brand of Bonding, which included some fighting/foreplay in a sauna. While Xenia met a grisly end, Famke went on to star in the X-Men movies alongside fellow Bond Girl Halle Berry.

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