The Top 10 Video Games of Summer 2012

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The Top 10 Video Games of Summer 2012

Did you ever think the term "Summer Blockbuster" would apply to video games? Well this summer, it did.

9. Prototype 2

This game had hit written all over it, but Prototype 2 sadly never found its audience; the development team was laid off shortly after the game’s release when it fell way short of sales expectations. So while this isn’t a blockbuster in the technical sense of the word, it does a better job of providing a superhero experience than most of the established superheroes ever do in video game form. You control a new main character, James Heller, who’s hell-bent on killing Alex Mercer, the protagonist from the first game who infected Heller’s family with the Blacklight virus. Heller has many of the same powers Mercer had, including super strength and the ability to morph his limbs into deadly weapons. The story is solid, but the gameplay is even better. You can probably find it now at a reduced price, so snatch it up and enjoy an unfortunately well-kept secret.


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