The Worst People of 2011

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The Worst People of 2011

The year 2011 made these 10 people household names. Let's hope 2012 makes them all household fires.
We can think of over 41 million reasons to put this alleged rapper on the list—that being the number (and counting) of YouTube hits for his music video "Donald Trump," one of the year’s most viral sensations not called "Friday." But rather than pick on 14-year-old Rebecca Black, the interweb backlash should really be directed at this cheesy 19-year-old lyricist from Pittsburgh (who ironically used to go by “Easy Mac”). Blame it on fellow Steel City rapper Wiz Khalifa; Miller's popularity has spread to a legion of young followers. Following lyrics like, “Take over the world, watch these haters get mad,” we're proud to count ourselves among the mad. Actually, the thought of a world dominated by this goon gets us terrified.

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