The Worst People of 2011

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The Worst People of 2011

The year 2011 made these 10 people household names. Let's hope 2012 makes them all household fires.
The Royal Wedding is good and gone, but for some reason there are people still feigning interest in Prince William and Kate Middleton. Why, you ask? Anyone’s guess is as good as ours—we're pretty sure their day-to-day consists of him playing polo while she drinks tea. However, the more heinous offense has been the media’s fascination with Kate’s sister, Pippa who, by all accounts, became famous for being the sister that did not marry a prince. This almost makes the Kardashian dynasty excusable. OK, it doesn’t, but her stupid name is Pippa and her job is “party planner.” Here's to a Pippa-free 2012.

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