The Worst People of 2011

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The Worst People of 2011

The year 2011 made these 10 people household names. Let's hope 2012 makes them all household fires.
When Larry King Live signed off to end 2010 it was bittersweet for fans, but still a timely decision for the 78-year-old broadcasting legend who literally couldn’t remember who he was interviewing at times. Slipping into King’s penny loafers was this fairly unknown Brit (Piers Morgan Tonight), who's turn as a judge on America’s Got Talent qualified him for the top slot on CNN. Still, while King’s failure-to-compose/finish-thoughts style of interviewing had to go, it’s hard to say whether Morgan’s cocky-yet-boring (read: British) demeanor is any better. The accomplished journalist also dealt with phone hacking allegations in 2011 stemming from his time as editor at The Daily Mirror, but those accusations are way too interesting for him to be guilty of them.

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