Tiger Land

Whether you like actually playing golf is irrelevant when picking up the latest copy of EA's hit Tiger Woods 07, because it is nothing but addictive. While there is a steep learning curve, once you get the hang of it, you'll be putting and chipping like Tiger himself.

The graphics for the game are very high quality; the details in the trees, the courses and all other aspects of the game are expertly rendered. When it comes to the game though, it's the physics that makes this game run. Sometimes maddening, but almost always entertaining, the bounces the ball will take, the affect of the wind, every factor possible was taken into mind and coded into the game.

Utilizing an analog stick to control the power of the swing, golfers can tee off and let 'er rip, tapping the power button will add extra strength and distance to shots, which can make the difference between an eagle or making par.

When the game begins, players are able to build a customized player with a myriad of options in the body type, facial details and more. The biggest complaint about all this customization is that the clothing options are all pretty unexciting. Any desire of an outfit that might not fit out on the course (besides the available flip-flops) is hopeless. Once you start into a career mode though, players earn sponsorships and earn extra cash by wearing or using their sponsor's items, so there are benefits as well.

When beginning to play, even experienced Tiger Woods players will find a bit of a learning curve, putting in particular - can be difficult. Also, as your created character is only just starting, his stats are at almost zero. However, the more you play the quicker you earn stat points and soon enough you'll be able to tee off to a respectable distance and have better accuracy on your putts for example.


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