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Top 10 Most Mindblowing Bond Moments

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and the release of Skyfall, we look back at the best action-packed moments of his career.


4. Bond coolly shoots Professor Dent in Dr. No

One of Bond's most cold-blooded killings can be seen when he offs Professor Dent. "He lets Dent think he has the upper hand, even allowing him to pick up his gun," says Williams. How generous! Oh wait, then he shoots Dent...twice. As Williams puts it: cold as ice.


3. Bond Drives the Lotus Esprit into the Ocean in The Spy Who Loved Me

Of course, when we think of Bond, we think of cars. According to Williams, the most breathtaking of all the Bond vehicles in the Lotus Esprit, and we don't disagree, considering the car doubles as a submarine. It's a good thing too, since he drives it off the end of a jetty and into the ocean after being chased by a helicopter. Just another day in the life...



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