MF’s Top 10 Summer Music Festivals of 2013

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MF’s Top 10 Summer Music Festivals of 2013

Missed out on Coachella? Don’t worry—there are plenty of other opportunities to soak up the sun and listen to live music this summer. So rally your friends and start planning your escape.

Coachella has passed and Lollapalooza has sold out, but do not let this news get you down. The U.S. music festival scene is growing faster than ever, so it has a ton to offer fans of any genre this summer. In fact, five festivals that made our cut are in only their first or second years. From the musician-curated lineups you cannot miss to fests featuring the best gourmet food, we have you covered. Grab your sunglasses and chose your own outdoor music adventure.  

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Photo Credit: Cameron Neilson


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