Top Action Movies: Actor Mark Wahlberg's Best Roles

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Top Action Movies: Actor Mark Wahlberg's Best Roles

Marky Mark’s top 10 films will inspire you to not only get in shape, but also to never give up when the going gets tough.
Men’s Fitness cover model Mark Wahlberg has played many different roles in the story of his life. After a troubled childhood, Wahlberg became a rapper. Then he was a Calvin Klein model. He went on to be an exercise pro, and even created a professional fitness video. By the mid-1990s he got into the movie business, and it wasn’t long before he started getting big-time supporting and starring roles. Most of his parts have involved adrenaline-racing action and sports movies, although he has also done drama and comedy films, such as this summer’s Ted. To pay tribute to Marky Mark as both an action hero and all-around fit guy, we’ve rounded up his best adrenaline-racing roles of all time.


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