Top Action Movies: Actor Mark Wahlberg's Best Roles

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Top Action Movies: Actor Mark Wahlberg's Best Roles

Marky Mark’s top 10 films will inspire you to not only get in shape, but also to never give up when the going gets tough.

Shooter (2007)

In Shooter, Wahlberg plays Bob Lee Swagger, a skilled military marksman who has retired to lead a peaceful, isolated life in the mountains. Of course, his high level of skill leads high-ranking military personnel to seek him out and bring him back to action to defend the president from a potential long-range sniper attack. Ultimately double-crossed, Swagger ends up taking on the FBI by himself, as everyone is made to believe he is the one who made an attempt on the president’s life and killed an archbishop instead. Wahlberg’s Best Role PlayHere, Wahlberg plays another action hero driven by revenge, not to mention his desire to clear his name. Swagger proves to be the best sniper in the world over the course of the film, taking out several targets from very long distances while never losing his cool. Shooter ends up being an action movie in which extraordinary skill and patience from one man wins out over sheer brawn and numbers.


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