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Fast and Furious Workout Playlist

To revisit the testosterone-filled tracks that have brought the Fast & Furious franchise to life, we enlisted the help of three hip-hop bloggers and pulled together a high-octane playlist that features songs from all six soundtracks.

4. “How We Roll” – Don Omar ft. J-Doe, Reek da Villian, and Busta Rhymes (from Fast Five): Fast Five is set in Brazil, so naturally the soundtrack includes a mix of reggaeton and Latin-inspired tracks. Don Omar appears in the film alongside Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, so it only made sense to get him onto the soundtrack, too.

5. “Blanco” – Pitbull ft. Pharrell (from Fast & Furious): “There's nothing like hearing a feel-good track while you're exercising,” says Navjosh, creator and editor of the blog Hip Hop N More. “This song may not be the most 'hip-hop,' but the tempo and energy will encourage you to sweat it out for sure.”

6: “Head Bust” – Shark City Click ft. Pharrell Williams (from Fast & Furious): You’re probably not familiar with Shark City Click (we weren’t either), but it’s what hip-hop artists Fam-Lay and Pharrell were, at one point, going to call themselves on collaborations. “Head Bust” is the only song you'll find associated with Shark City Click, so we’re going to assume the name didn’t stick.



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