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Fast and Furious Workout Playlist

To revisit the testosterone-filled tracks that have brought the Fast & Furious franchise to life, we enlisted the help of three hip-hop bloggers and pulled together a high-octane playlist that features songs from all six soundtracks.

10. “Pump It Up” – Joe Budden (from 2 Fast 2 Furious): "After all these years, this song can still get a party popping," says Brian Miller of "Joe's voice is commanding and the hook is easy to remember."

11. “POV City Anthem” – Caddillac Tah (from The Fast and the Furious): "This song came out at the height of the Motorola two-way pager craze. I always got a kick out of the polyphonic beat," says Miller. "And whenever working out, Cadillac Tah sounds like a barking drill sergeant. Very gangsta."

12. “Hustlin’” – Fat Joe ft. Armageddon (from The Fast and the Furious): Fat Joe’s up there with artists like Ludacris, Pitbull, and Don Omar, who have all contributed to more than one Fast soundtrack. Listen for Joe’s “We Ridin’” on the 2 Fast, 2 Furious album.




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