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UFC Host Joe Rogan Trains Like a Fighter

Joe Rogan shows us why you should train like a fighter even if you never step in the ring.

These days, to keep his body conditioned for the rigors of the ring (Rogan has an Octagon in his garage, shown here, where he spars with buddies), he trains mainly with kettlebells. His routine, adapted from the teachings of kettlebell gurus Mark Cheng and Steve Maxwell, is so effective, he says, that he’s stronger than ever —even on conventional gym lifts. Rogan can do 40 dips, “which I could never do before,” he says. “And I can still bench 315.”

Most of his martial arts training is done with Brazilian jiu-jitsu legends Jean-Jacques Machado and Eddie Bravo in Los Angeles. Rogan hopes to receive his black belt soon. He also trains kickboxing with former world champion Rob Kamen. “I think a lot of how people look at things is based on the stress level they’re at,” he says. “Sometimes you’ll have a day when fucking everything is going nuts, someone will say something to you, and you’ll go, ‘What!?’ But you would never do that ordinarily. Then other days you’ll be in the happiest mood ever, everything is going great, and you just got your dick sucked. Then if someone said the same thing to you, you’d be so much calmer about it. Training and martial arts have eliminated a lot of that for me.”

Take some advice from a guy who breaks down fights and hecklers for a living. Hitting will take the edge off. See Joe Rogan's training gallery here.



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