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Watch: Men's Fitness Interview with Norman Reedus for the March 2016 Issue

We talked to the "Walking Dead" star about how he defines fitness, where'd he want to be if "The Walking Dead" happened in real life, plus, his new show "Ride."

Season 6 of the most popular show on television starts up again on February 14th, 2016. Before you tune in (or binge watch any episodes or seasons you've missed) check out our interview by digital director Mike Simone with the zombie-hunting Daryl Dixon, also known as MEN'S FITNESS March cover guy Norman Reedus

Pick up the March issue of MEN'S FITNESS, featuring Norman Reedus, on newsstands February 15 or download it today!

Behind the Scenes: Norman Reedus' March 2016 Cover Shoot >>>


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