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A 'Westworld' Glossary: Everything You Need to Know About HBO's Epic New Series

Go inside the amusement park with director and co-writer Jonathan Nolan.
Photo courtesy of HBO.
James Marsden as Teddy and Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy in HBO's 'Westworld.'

As you might expect from a sci-fi epic from HBO—looking at you, Game of ThronesWestworld packs a deep, talented cast portraying complicated, enigmatic characters. Tune in Sunday, October 2 at 9 p.m. on HBO—and keep this glossary handy for when you do.

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Beyond Westworld: The original reboot of the Crichton film, the TV series aired on CBS for just three episodes before being cancelled.

Dartmouth Conference: The 1955 seminal brainstorming session amongst computer scientists, engineers, and cognitive researchers that birthed the field of 'artificial intelligence.'

Delores: One of the park’s oldest "inhabitants" who slowly become self-aware. Played by Evan Rachel Wood, the show's breakout star.

Dr. Robert Ford: The park’s creative director, whose initially designs the robots and their personalities. Played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Man in Black: He has been visiting the park since its inception, and seems willing to go as far as necessary to give the robots self-awareness. Played by Ed Harris.

Melody Ranch: Where Westworld largely filmed. “It’s a place with fantastic history," Nolan says. "We blew half the town out and made it bigger, and put in a train, which is a lot of fun.”

Michael Crichton: Westworld was the writer’s directorial debut. Starring Yul Brynner and Richard Benjamin, the film, which filmed for just 30 days, grossed $10 million.

Orgy: Since the park’s ‘humans’ are at the whims of guests—and, y'know, this is HBO—of course there's an orgy. An explicit waiver that extras had to sign generated early controversy when it was leaked to the public.

Teddy Flood: The fresh-faced newcomer to Westworld, played by James Marsden.


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