Romancing a woman into bed takes some finesse. Or maybe it just takes a slice of pizza and some old-school R&B.

That's according to a survey held out by Eat24, Yelp's home food delivery service. To pinpoint the most common forms of foreplay people make to kickstart the good times, Eat24 polled 2,000 U.S. adults about the foods they eat, music they listen to, and moves they make leading up to sex. 

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Well, guess people aren't too worried about bloating... or abs, for that matter. Pizza, French fries, and tacos are among the most common foods men and women eat. Seriously, forget about aphrodisiacs like oysters; ice cream or hot wings are more likely pre-romp snacks.

“People usually associate oysters with getting frisky,” Yelp Eat24 CEO Mike Ghaffary said in a press release. “But I think we all can agree eating pizza on the couch is way more relaxing. Plus, since you’re already on the couch anyway...well, you get the idea.”

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Ladies and gentlemen, your top 20 pre-sex foods:

1. Pizza
2. Ice Cream
3. Spaghetti
4. Lasagna
5. French Fries
6. Cheeseburger
7. Chicken Wings
8. Taco
9. Egg Roll
10. Fried Rice

11. Sweet and Sour Chicken
12. Mac and Cheese
13. Nachos
14. Buffalo wings
15. Meatballs
16. Quesadilla
17. General Tso’s Chicken
18. Sesame Chicken Spring Rolls
19. Crab Rangoon
20. Dumplings

Mac and Cheese? Lasagna? Fries?! Guys, what happened to that six-pack you've been working for? Do they mean nothing? Look, we're not saying you can't heat occasionally things up in the bedroom instead of in the microwave, but c'mon: If you're gonna have to choose between healthy eating and sex, then we all know how that'll end up. (Maybe focus on some healthy tacos? Priorities, man!)

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As for the choice in music, we're a little perplexed. The most common songs people listen to to get in the mood are cheesy and clichéd, albeit cheesy and clichéd classics. Boys II Men’s "I'll Make Love to You" topped the list, followed by "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston, and "Endless Love" by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie.

Yelp Eat24 also discoverd 45 percent of men have a series of "moves" they make to seduce a wife or girlfriend, including offering a compliment, giving a massage, and cooking dinner. 

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“A lot of the men said their ‘moves’ involved complimenting their partner and then offering to handle dinner,” Ghaffary said, “but 70 percent of women told us they can spot their partner’s ‘moves’ a mile away. So basically, “Let’s have pizza” has become code for ‘We should get busy tonight.’”

The new Netflix & chill, huh? Or maybe an extension thereof?

Read on for more stats. And, hey, good luck—but maybe order a side salad.