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What Your Christmas Tree Says About You

Maybe all of those football ornaments don't look as good as you thought.

You probably didn’t think that the décor of your Christmas tree could be a deal-breaker. It probably won't be, but then again, cries for help come in plenty of shapes and sizes.

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The Late Bloomer

If Your Tree Is: Still not up on Christmas Eve when your girlfriend comes over...

You’reSo screwed.

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The Hopeless Romantic

If Your Tree Is: Still up on Valentine’s Day...

You’re: Not getting any.

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The Authentic Artisan

If Your Tree Is: Proudly Charlie Brown-esque...

You’re: Not as hipster as you think.

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The Loner Type

If Your Tree Is: Artificial, so it won’t shed needles or need water...

You’re: Better off not having kids.

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The East Rutherfordian

If Your Tree Is: Adorned with more than one Giants ornament...

You’re: Never going to get married. (But hey, there are female Giants fans around!)

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The Tropicana

If Your Tree Is: A palm

You're: Bound to end up on @_FloridaMan.



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