The mystery over who might play the next James Bond has evolved into something of a real-life spy thriller. In what might be the most brilliant double-cross in movie promotion history, current Bond face Daniel Craig has said that he’s exhausted from donning the famous tuxedo, which has in turn fueled speculation/fanboy daydreams that everyone from former T-Swift boyfriend Tom Hiddleston to all-around ass-kicker Idris Elba might step into the role.

But Sony, it seems, is trying to put some gold-plated brakes on the rumor mill. The studio has reportedly offered Craig an astonishing $150 million to not only reprise 007 for the fifth movie in Craig’s contract, but also add a sixth movie to the slate, a Sony source told RadarOnline.

To put that number in context: Even if Craig signs a deal for half the money and only one movie, he’d make $75 million—more than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the highest-paid actor in the world, made in an entire year. (Cash: the ultimate workout recovery tool!)

Of course, no amount of cash can stop the speculation. “The greatest thing about this entertainment industry is that whether there’s a movie out or not, people can find some entertainment from it,” Henry Cavill remarked about the ongoing Bond rumor mill in his September Men’s Fitness feature.

So just in case Craig decides to pass on the paycheck, we’re taking a not-too-scientific look at who the bookies are favoring—and who Hollywood might have in the wings just in case Craig decides he’s hanging up the bowtie for good.