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Workout Playlist: 2014 Grammys Edition

Drake, Timberlake, and Imagine Dragons are among the nominees you need to listen to when you hit the gym this week.

4.  "Roar" -  Katy Perry (Nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance)

Admit it: You like this song. It's motivational, and if you need some extra convicing as to why it should be on your playlist, here's the music video:

5. "Holy Grail" - Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake (Nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration)

Jay Z was nominated a whopping nine times this year, plus he's performing. You've got to have some Jay Z on your playlist. His duo with fellow nominee Justin Timberlake is a solid choice.

Jay Z's New Clothing Line>>>

6. "Sweet Nothing" - Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch (Nominated for Best Dance Recording)

Sweet Nothing will surely help you put some rhythm in your kettlebell swing.



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