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10 Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever

From Rocky’s slo-mo jogs to G.I. Jane’s one-armed push ups, relive the best (and most ridiculous) training moments in cinematic history—the ultimate inspiration to jumpstart your workout.

Rocky III (1982)
Sure, we could make an entire list just of Rocky movies, but if forced to pick two, we’re sticking with the vintage training montage decadethe ‘80s. In Rocky III, the Italian Stallion is challenged for the first time in years by Clubber Lang (played by Mr. T), an up-and-comer who whoops Rocky and takes his title. After initial resistance, Rocky agrees to train with once rival Apollo Creed, and what ensues is... slow motion running on the beach in short shorts? Frolicking in the water? Synchronized shirtless dancing in front of a mirror? Judge all you want; Rocky beats the crap out of Clubber in the rematch and gets his belt back.



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