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10 Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever

From Rocky’s slo-mo jogs to G.I. Jane’s one-armed push ups, relive the best (and most ridiculous) training moments in cinematic history—the ultimate inspiration to jumpstart your workout.

Rocky IV (1985)
In Rocky IV, on top of Cold War overtones, Rock squares off with the Soviet boxing machine Ivan Drago. A lot happens in Rocky IV: The traumatizing death of Apollo Creed. Rocky relinquishing his title. Paulie’s robot maid and the creepy implications. Nothing, however, tops the movie’s intense training montage, which cuts from Rocky in the Siberian wilderness to Drago in a sort of high-tech gym of the not-so-distant future. While Rocky chops wood, hoists his friends in a wooden carriage, and trudges through the snow, Ivan punches at machines that emit ambiguous power readings, while also getting shot up with roids. Best of all, the montage is scored with Hearts on Fire by John Cafferty.



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