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10 Greatest Movie Training Montages Ever

From Rocky’s slo-mo jogs to G.I. Jane’s one-armed push ups, relive the best (and most ridiculous) training moments in cinematic history—the ultimate inspiration to jumpstart your workout.

Over the Top (1987)
Over the Top features Sylvester Stallone  (the fitness star of this decade) and focuses on championship arm wrestling. You might wonder: how the hell could a movie about arm wrestling make for a decent training montage? And you’re absolutely right. In this brief clip, Sly’s character named Lincoln Hawk (what else?) shows his estranged son the ropes, grappling mano-a-mano and strengthening their rassling arms in what looks like a very ineffective curling exercise on a semi-truck—ridiculous, but great nonetheless. It also includes a makeshift tricep pull-down Lincoln constructed in the cab of his big rig.



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