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Is Your Sunscreen Messing with Your Sperm?

Be wary of certain ingredients in some sunscreens, according to a new study.

You want your sunscreen to filter and block out UV rays. You don't want your sunscreen messing with your sperm. And you definitely don't want the chemicals to mimic the effect of progesterone (yes, the female hormone) in your body. But, certain ones could potentially do just that, according to a new Danish study.

Before you throw away all of your SPF and swear off the stuff, know that more research is needed to confirm a link between human fertility and sunscreen chemicals. Not only do you need sunscreen to protect your skin from skin cancer (just ask Hugh Jackman!), it's also key to keeping your skin looking young. And there are "safer" options out there. 

Based just on what we know from this study, certain chemicals in certain sunscreens can interfere with sperm function, but we don’t know for sure whether that has any impact on fertility. "We see effects on sperm cells in vitro, but we don't know if these effects somehow affect the in vivo ability to achieve successful fertilization," study author Anders Rehfeld, MD, told us in an email. Now, the study is pretty science-y so if you're just interested in the bottom line, click to page three. Otherwise, click to the next page for all the nitty gritty details.



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