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Fifteen Simple Strategies for Kicking Stress

Creating a stress survival plan will help you calm down when anxiety strikes. We spoke to three experts to help you design yours.

4. Hit the Gym: Any doctor will tell you that breaking a sweat is one of the best ways to reduce stress. “Pick your favorite music, find a gym, and hit it hard. Your brain chemistry will do the rest,” assures licensed psychologist L. Kevin Chapman, Ph.D.

5. Take Time Off: “A long weekend or a day at the beach can do wonders for reducing stress,” says Novick. Don’t feel bad about taking PTO, you’ll be much more productive when you return.

6. Avoid Caffeine: You know the jittery feeling that goes along with downing a few too many cups of Joe. Drinks with caffeine raise your blood pressure and heart rate, thus mimicking the body’s response to stress, explains Novick. If you’re experiencing an intense day, resist the temptation to power through it with a pot of coffee.



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