The 10 Best Bikes of 2014

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The 10 Best Bikes of 2014

From urban commuter to fat tire, here are the coolest (and newest) bikes of the year. No matter what kind of rider you are, we've found the one for you.

Blend biking’s latest technology and top-line engineering, and what do you get? Featherlight frames, brakes that won’t quit, flawless shifting, and crisp aerodynamic design—no matter what kind of rider you are. Whether you're the urban commuter weaving through traffic, or the mountaineer battling steep singletrack, we discovered the best and most coveted bikes of 2014. If you like cycling, then there’s something in here for you. We know most sport a hefty price tag, but trust us—it’s worth the investment. Pick one of these, and you can kiss your old junker goodbye. 

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