10 Best Running Shoes for Guys with Problem Feet

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10 Best Running Shoes for Guys with Problem Feet

Sick of foot pain from all the miles you're logging? Here's a list of the most common foot problems athletes face, and the best running shoes that can help solve them.

PROBLEM: Mild Overpronation

This is the most common gait type—it’s not perfect, but your foot pushes off evenly during toe-off and can still absorb some of the shock. The vertical line from the lower leg is maintained throughout the ankle and foot, but even moderate overpronationcan cause some problems in the feet, ankles, and joints.

SOLUTION SHOE: Supreme cushion and control is the prescription for your problem, and in Brooks' 2012 Beast, you'll get exactly what your feet need. The shoe is jacked with technology: The crashpad is flexible underfoot to help with a smooth heel-to-toe transition; the midsoles are engineered to keep pronation neutral and smooth; and the midsole and outsole work together to set the foot down in an efficient, balanced position as you go from heel strike to toe-off. ($130, brooksrunning.com)

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