10 Best Running Shoes for Guys with Problem Feet

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10 Best Running Shoes for Guys with Problem Feet

Sick of foot pain from all the miles you're logging? Here's a list of the most common foot problems athletes face, and the best running shoes that can help solve them.

PROBLEM: Wide Feet

If you often find your shoes biting into the sides of your feet or stretching out over time, you might have wider feet. Again, this isn’t a pain-causing problem, but a better fit can certainly improve your running game.

SOLUTION SHOE: The Vibram KmodoSport LS was made for you. The speed lacing system helps create a secure fit for a wide foot with higher insteps, and the arch aligns with the curves of your feet for ample support. Plus a performance rubber outsole provides maximum grip and protection without added weight, so your feet will be protected all-around. Just a quick word of warning, though: As with any barefoot regimen, work your way into it—or you’ll end up with even more problems and pain. ($110, vibramfivefingers.com)

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