10 Best Trail Running Shoes

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10 Best Trail Running Shoes

Don't let the trail trip you up. Here are fall's newest trail runners—from minimalist designs to heavy duty versions—to guard your feet against roots and rocks.


Weighing in at just 11.5 ounces, the Saucony Outlaw is for the extreme trail runner who still wants a minimalist feel. With its ¾ cut, it helps secure ankles on the toughest root-infested mountain runs, and its water-resistant membrane will protect your feet from the elements. Other cool features: Anti-lacebite pads that guard your feet against blisters, an anti-odor insole to prevent stinky feet, a high-traction rubber outsole to stop slippage on a rainy day, and an external bedrock plate to safeguard against hard rocks and sharp surfaces that could harm your soles. ($110, saucony.com)


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