10 Camping Gear Essentials For Your Next Trip

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10 Camping Gear Essentials For Your Next Trip

Presenting the ultimate camping checklist: 10 pieces of outdoor gear you shouldn't leave the city without.

Leave the old-school bedroll and matches in the garage. Upgrades to camping equipment have made roughing it, well... just a bit less rough.

But while it's all too easy to get carried away with cool adventure toys and survival gear at the outdoor supply store, the key to enjoying your camping experience is keeping it simple. Let our own camping trial-and-error experiences save you some trunk space and send you into the wild for some clutter-free peace.

We've honed in on the 10 most essential pieces of camping gear, which should fit well within the cargo space of your SUV. Toss 'em in the back and the only thing you'll have left to do is grab a few jugs of water, consult your map, and head confidently into the great outdoors.


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