10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

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10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

From a warm-water pressure shower to a portable grill to a convertible chair, we’ve gathered 2013’s coolest wilderness essentials so you can sleep outdoors in comfort.

With most headlamps, you need to readjust the shine of your light between reading and darkness modes, but Petzl’s Nao headlamp tweaks the light automatically for you. With a huge eye-like sensor above the LEDs that measures incoming light, the Nao determines the level of brightness you need based on where you’re pointing your head—then self-adjusts. The high-power LEDs shoot a focused beam for the deep darkness of the trees, and a wider beam for the more diffused light appropriate to reading a map or digging through your pack. Oh, and if you get tired of the reactive lighting mode? Just lock it out for the continuous beam of your choosing. ($175; petzl.com)


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