10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

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10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

From a warm-water pressure shower to a portable grill to a convertible chair, we’ve gathered 2013’s coolest wilderness essentials so you can sleep outdoors in comfort.

No one wants to waste breath blowing up a pad after a late evening of campfire carousing, and self-inflating pads take a chunk of time and extra breath to fully fill. Problem solved with REI’s Incamp Insulated Airpad. Open the bottom valve at the head, then pump with your hands for quick and easy inflation—no breath or waiting required. Three inches of pad give you plush comfort while ample PrimaLoft Infinity insulation keeps you warm on frosty nights. The Incamp’s side buckles let you clip it to another pad, and best of all, the pad includes an integrated pillow. Say goodbye to lumpy sweater bundles under your head. ($139; rei.com)


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