10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

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10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

From a warm-water pressure shower to a portable grill to a convertible chair, we’ve gathered 2013’s coolest wilderness essentials so you can sleep outdoors in comfort.

Whether you’re car camping or hoofing it, Alite’s Mayfly Convertible Chair is your go-to camp chair for comfort and convenience. Set it up in three-leg mode for maximum stability, or remove the horizontal front leg to convert to a cozy two-legged rocker that—thanks to superior construction—precisely balances your center of gravity to keep you upright. At just over a pound, it’s solid enough to hold your weight easily, yet still light enough to take anywhere. Just fold the legs down like tent poles, pack the chair into its included stuff sack, throw it into your pack and forget about it. ($100; alitedesigns.com)


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