10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

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10 High-Tech Camping Gadgets You Need

From a warm-water pressure shower to a portable grill to a convertible chair, we’ve gathered 2013’s coolest wilderness essentials so you can sleep outdoors in comfort.

When you’re headed to far-flung locales, you want peace of mind in case you get a little lost. The SPOT Gen3 gives you that solace, letting you track your progress and send Check-in/OK messages (including your GPS coordinates on Google maps) to friends and family. More importantly, its Help and SOS buttons — which send alerts to both your contacts and rescue personnel — are effective safety nets if you find yourself in dire need of assistance. The smaller and lighter Gen3 is just as reliable as previous SPOT messengers, but with a few upgraded features, like motion-activated tracking (a huge battery saver,) customizable tracking frequencies, and rechargeable batteries. ($150, plus annual subscription from $100; findmespot.com)


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