10 Ski Gear Essentials for the Slopes

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10 Ski Gear Essentials for the Slopes

Psyched for your next ski trip? Just make sure to sub your old winter wear with the latest in technology—guaranteed to keep you comfy and dry.
A bitter wind won’t keep the hardcore indoors, but you’ll need full-face protection if you do venture out. And with windproof fabric on the face and soft fleece on the back of the neck, OR’s Helmetclava gives you exactly that. It’s built to fit under your helmet, so there’s no compromise in safety, and a laser die-cut port releases hot breath at the mouth to help you avoid foggy goggles. What’s more: thermodynamic fabric at the ears improves hearing. So, yeah. It may be cold—but now you’ve got no excuses. ($38, outdoorresearch.com)


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