10 Ways to Manage Twitter So It Doesn’t Manage You

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10 Ways to Manage Twitter So It Doesn’t Manage You

Twitter can be a useful tool in many ways, but only if used correctly.

Twitter has become a useful tool for spreading information about current events, sharing articles and finding out useful information, like a tip from @AHealthBlog on how green tea can help with weight loss — but what’s the right amount of Twitter use without it becoming too much?

Simply following the Twitter feeds of hundreds of Twitter accounts can be overwhelming and disorganized. Whatever your subject interest, to best manage your Twitter routine, “it’s really about how you use the tool as opposed to what you use it for,” says Dr. Joseph Kvedar, director of the Center for Connected Health, an organization that explores how to use technology to integrate health into everyday life. Here we present 10 ways to use Twitter in a healthy way without it getting a hold of you.

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