10 Ways to Manage Twitter So It Doesn’t Manage You

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10 Ways to Manage Twitter So It Doesn’t Manage You

Twitter can be a useful tool in many ways, but only if used correctly.

As you increase the number of people that you follow on Twitter, clicking on the Home button and skimming through all of the tweets can become unwieldy.

“Almost no one goes and just reads their feed of who they’re following anymore because we’re all following lots and lots of people, and the discipline of only following people or organizations that are only producing stuff that’s meaningful is hard — so you end up getting stuff that isn’t that meaningful,” says Kvedar.

You can find groups for subjects like running, weightlifting or calorie counting. If you find 10 people that are experts in that area, place them in a group and build your Twitter setup from there, advises Kvedar.

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