10 Winter Running Essentials

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10 Winter Running Essentials

All the running gear to keep you warm and dry on your winter runs—"Baby, it's cold outside," won't stand as an excuse not to go.
For a winter running shoe, you need two things: enough traction so you won’t slip on icy surfaces, and fabric that’s extra water resistant in slushy conditions. The Asics GEL-Arctic 4 WR’s wet grip outsole make for better traction on the slippery surfaces you may encounter during the winter. If you’re wearing moisture-wicking socks and similar gear over your core, shoes really won’t differ much compared to the pair you use during the summer. You want something a little thicker in case you get cause in any damp paths, though, so the GEL-Arctic’s water-resistant fabric will come in handy. The shoe’s foam interior and light weight allow it to fit like a glove — encouragement to hop out of bed and hit the road on those bitter weekend mornings. ($120, asicsamerica.com)

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