10 Winter Running Essentials

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10 Winter Running Essentials

All the running gear to keep you warm and dry on your winter runs—"Baby, it's cold outside," won't stand as an excuse not to go.
The key to staying warm during chilly runs is layering, and the most important layer is the one directly touching your skin. For this base, you want a compression material like the Mizuno Breath Thermo Running Crew. The DYNAMOTION FIT design will keep you dry with its polyester/polyacrylate material and won’t chafe, unlike some other compression shirts available. The crewneck also comes in a variety of colors—ranging from an eye-catching neon yellow to a simple black-and-blue—and each has reflective piping on the side panels, making for a sleek, but useful, design. ($69.99, mizunousa.com)

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