From facial wind burn and nasty head colds to slipping on ice and frostbite, running in winter has its cons. But, there’s also no doubt about it: running in cold air torches more calories keeping you in, err...somewhat decent shape during the holidays (at least sans the boring treadmill, anyways).

Half the trick to winter running involves scoring the right gear that’ll cover your skin from wind and cold, and sweat-wicking layers come in handy to keep your muscles warm. For less chance of injury, follow the old-school “25 degree rule,” which suggests dressing for weather 25 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. (This compensates for your rise in body temperature during your run and rapid decrease afterward.) And, of course, not all footwear is equal. Wear the right shoes to blast through snow, slush and ice.

So before you prep for those snowy trails, Men’s Fitness collected a list of 10 cold-weather essentials for winter runs. Stock up, and you’ll never hear yourself say, “baby, it’s too cold outside.”