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5 Creepy Tools She Uses to Stalk You Online

Beyond Google, here's what her research reveals about you.

Thumbing through your date’s Facebook profile will give you some basic information: her friends, interests, and probably what she was up to last weekend. Think that’s all she knows about you? Think again. Click through for five of the tools, tricks, and trendy apps that are helping your lady dig for dirt (if there's any to find, of course).

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What it is: A free app driven by female Facebook users who rate datable and undatable dudes on a 10-point scale. The review system is multiple choice with no custom comments allowed. Only positive and negative preset hashtags such as #EpicSmile, #StrongHands, #CheaperThanABigMac, and #GoneByMorning can be published.

How it works: Women can search for men by name, or browse by high or low score, location, or category (e.g., sexual panthers, sweet guys, funny guys).

How women use it: “The Lulu app gives girls essential intel on the guys in their lives, whether they’re looking for a fling, a relationship, a guy for their friend, or just some fun,“ says Alexandra Chong, Lulu's founder and CEO. “One negative review might not mean much, but 10 could point to a trend.”

Try it: See how you measure up. Download the app and click on My Stats.

What it is: A free website that can reveal who’s really in your address book. 

How it works: The site allows anyone (ahem, your lady friend) to type in a cell phone number and listen to that person’s outgoing voicemail message, without dialing.

How women use it: “You’ve moved into an exclusive zone, but another girl’s number keeps popping up on your cell phone. You lie and say, ‘It’s Bob.’ But if your girl writes down the number, spy-dials it, and gets a message like ‘Hi, this is Roberta,' you’re screwed,” explains Maria Coder, author of InvestiDate: How to Investigate Your Date

Try it: Enter your number and listen to your voice message. Creepy, right?



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