5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Golf Game

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5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Golf Game

Golf swing suck? Game not on par? These apps, handhelds, and other small devices will boost your performance on the course. Hello, victory.

Knowing the rules of the game is important, especially if you and your opponents get competitive. But all you really need is the Rules of Golf, which is the official app of the United States Golf Association’s most up-to-date set of regulations, essentially putting their guidelines, definitions, and decisions at your fingertips. What happens if your club is damaged? How do you handle a ball that lands near a rattlesnake? Download this app—available for both Android and iOS—and you’ll have answers to just about every question, right there on your smartphone. (And if something’s missing? Don’t worry. You can send the USGA an email directly—with one little click.) ($4; usga.org)


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